Selling Your Home In The New Year?

People choose to sell their homes for many reasons. Some sell to relocate for a new job, some outgrow their home and want to upgrade, while others want to downsize. Whatever the reason you’ve chosen to sell, you’ve made an investment in your home. For many of us this is the largest investment we are likely to make in a lifetime. That’s why, when you choose to cash in that investment, you want to be sure to get the most out of it.

3 strategies an educated consumer needs to know to make the most when selling a home

  1. Interview to find the right real estate agent – You need a top-notch real estate agent to help you navigate today’s sophisticated real estate market. An experienced salesperson with creative promotional skills and knowledge of the local market can successfully leverage all channels to advertise your home to the widest available audience. Choosing the right real estate agent often means a better selling price and a faster closing.
  2. Make Sure the Price is Right – Here’s where the experience and market knowledge of your realtor can really help. A good realtor will look at the big picture. By comparing features and recent sales for other homes in your market, your realtor can help you determine a realistic selling price. Make sure your realtor is aware of all upgrades and renovations. Don’t hide anything that you feel may affect the price. A potential buyer is going to want an inspection, and any defects or repairs required will be included in negotiations.
  3. Showcase Your House – The proper presentation of your home and property is critical when it comes to attracting the right buyer. Your real estate agent can help you prepare your home and offer some suggestions that will help present your home to its best advantage. Make sure your home has curb appeal. Eliminate clutter and thoroughly clean throughout. Don’t under estimate the power of a fresh coat of paint.

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