Use Your Tax Refund To Invest In The Home of Your DREAMS!

Making the most of an income tax refund can mean different things to different people. For some, it is a chance to splurge; for others, it might be a great way to add to savings or start that much needed rainy-day fund. A tax refund can also be a great way to make a down […]

Tweak Your Withholding Taxes

Remember filling out a W-4 form when you were first hired? It’s the form that determines how much money your employer withholds from your paycheck to pay federal and state taxes—based upon the number of “allowances” that you claimed. But have you checked to see if it’s still applicable? Consider adjusting your W-4 form if […]

Are Closing Costs Tax Deductible Under the New Tax Law?

Realtor handing keys to homeowner

Here’s the scoop on what’s tax deductible when buying a house. Are closing costs tax deductible? What about mortgage interest? Or property taxes? The answer is, maddeningly, “It depends.” Basically, you’ll want to itemize if you have deductions totaling more than the standard deduction, which is $12,000 for single people and $24,000 for married couples filing […]

Are You Getting the Home Tax Deductions You’re Entitled To?

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Owning a home can pay off at tax time. If you’re eligible, take advantage of these home ownership-related tax deductions and strategies to lower your tax bill: Mortgage Interest Deduction To claim the  mortgage interest deduction, you must itemize using Schedule A, and your mortgage must be secured by your pirmary or second home. That home can be […]

Income Tax Deductions For Real Estate Agents

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This is a list of possible income tax deductions available to real estate agents.  Be sure to review with a tax professional to ensure that these deductions apply to your tax situation. Advertising Billboard, Brochures/Flyers, Business Cards, Copy Editor Fees, Direct Mail Email Marketing/Newsletters, Graphic Designer Fees Internet Ads (Facebook/Google/etc.), Leads/Mailing Lists Marketing Services, Networking Event […]

Owning a Home Can Save You Money At Tax Time

10 Ways to Save From almost the very beginning, homeownership has been the financial foundation for the American dream. If you’re like most of us, purchasing a home is the largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Unlike renting, where you pay your landlord’s mortgage, owning a home may provide you with a “nest egg.” […]

Your Taxpayer Rights

West Palm Beach, FL – There are 3 letters that strike fear into the hearts of Americans—I-R-S! And the very thought of being audited by them—usually turns into panic. What you might not know is that back in the 1990’s, Congress passed the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Law, which places the burden of proof in tax […]