DNC Consumer Policy

Ideal Lending LLC and its subsidiaries complies with laws and regulations surrounding Do Not Call and is committed to protecting and respecting consumers’ rights to privacy with regards to marketing messages.

Ideal Lending LLC has established and implemented written procedures to honor consumers’ requests that they not be called, and appropriate personnel have received training.

If you do not wish to receive calls or texts from Ideal Lending LLC, you can ask us to place your telephone number(s) on our internal Do Not Call list. In compliance with state and federal laws, we will document your request and will place your number(s) on GRI’s Do Not Call list within thirty (30) days. You may send your request in writing or via phone and must include, at a minimum, your ten-digit telephone number.

  • Send the written request to Ideal Lending LLC at: Compliance Department – Do Not Call List, Ideal Lending LLC, 5589 Okeechobee Blvd #101, West Palm Beach, FL 33417
  • Send the request via email to: info@ideallending.net
  • Calling Ideal Lending LLC at 844-994-3325
  • If you have multiple telephone numbers, please tell us all numbers that you would like included on the Do Not Call list.
  • You will remain on our Do Not Call list for the term required by applicable law.
  • If your telephone number ever changes, you must give us your new telephone number in order for your Do Not Call status to remain in effect.

This internal Do Not Call Record is retained by Ideal Lending LLC and its subsidiaries until a consumer makes a new inquiry, thereby agreeing to be contacted at number(s) provided. If no new inquiry is made, the record will be retained for the period allowed by applicable law.

A request from a customer to be added to our Internal Do Not Call Record, does not preclude Ideal Lending LLC and its subsidiaries from contacting consumers via email, or direct mail. In addition, inclusion on the Ideal Lending LLC internal Do Not Call list means that you will not receive solicitation calls by anyone representing Ideal Lending LLC. We may still contact you, however, for non-solicitation and non-telemarketing purposes. For example, we may still contact you about surveys, billing matters, or other service-related matters.

In addition, you may add your telephone number to the National Do Not Call List. You may do so by calling 888-382-1222 (TTY users, 866-290-4236), or going online at www.donotcall.gov.

Please be assured that Ideal Lending LLC respects your right to privacy.