Increase the sale price of your home

West Palm Beach, FL – Getting a higher price when you sell your home doesn’t have to involve a bunch of expensive renovations. Here are some quick, low-cost improvements designed to turn the heads of potential buyers.

  1. Brighten your kitchen. This is the room that clinches the deal, so make it sparkle. Replace the faucet set. Add new cabinet hardware, and if necessary, replace the doors and drawer fronts. Upgrade lighting fixtures for extra brightness. If your appliances don’t match, see if the face panels can be replaced.
  2. Make a dramatic entrance. The front door is the first thing buyers touch. Add stylish new hardware that gives it a quality feel. Consider painting the door to add extra character.
  3. Do some landscaping. Your yard frames your house, so it has to look attractive and well-manicured. Keep the lawn mowed, add well-placed shrubs and perennials, and plant flowering annuals near the front door. If the sidewalk is chipped and cracked, see about getting it replaced.
  4. Expand your closet space. Chances are your existing closets can provide a lot more storage than they currently do. All it takes is the installation of efficient new wire or laminate shelving systems in all closets and pantries.
  5. Revitalize the bathroom. Buyers want to see a shiny, new-looking bathroom. If the tub and shower look dingy, see about installing a prefab unit right over top. Put new vinyl flooring over discolored tiles. Replace the sink faucet and toilet seat. Add a bright new lighting fixture.
  6. Spruce up the plumbing and electrical. If it’s an old house, hire a plumber and electrician for an hour or two to check things out and fix any leaks or sketchy wiring. This shows pride of ownership and helps ensure home inspections go well.
  7. Update lighting fixtures. Shed more light on shadowy bedrooms, add an eye-catching chandelier to the living room, and replace dingy blades on ceiling fans.

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