Stretches for Desk Workers

Woman stretching at desk

Whether you’re still working from home or going back to the office, chances are you’re sitting at a desk for most of the day. We’ve laid out some important stretches that you can do to keep your blood pumping, reduce pain, and improve posture. Stretch Tip #1: Shoulders and Neck: For the shoulders, reach your […]

The Ultimate Tips to Overcome Objections

Woman and man shaking hands

Are you putting a ton of work into your sales process—working with a prospect for days, weeks, maybe even months—to get a deal to the finish line? Just to see it fall through because of some last-minute objection? Today, we are going to talk about how to make you a stronger salesperson by working on […]

4 Great Podcasts for Your Work-From-Home Lunch Hour

woman listening to podcast

With so many professionals working at home of late, it’s worth diving into the strategies and resources that can help them excel. Though it can be tempting to work through your lunch, taking an actual break here is valuable. If you truly want to maximize this time while still giving your brain a chance to […]

The Habits That Help Loan Officers Excel

Loan Officers clapping hands

If you’re looking for ways to fuel improvement and accelerate success, habits are the perfect place to start. Sure, these actions may seem small, but their impact can be significant. The first place to start is to evaluate the habits you currently have in place. Take time to reflect, because often, some of our habits […]

Are You Productive Enough?

Loan officers committed to growing their business need to make productivity a top priority. Otherwise, they risk collapsing under their success. As business grows, so do work demands. Loan officers need to have the productivity skills in place to meet a growing to-do list head on, without working themselves to exhaustion. Real growth and success […]

Turn Your Home into a Top-Notch Vacation Rental

Downtown Charleston

What You Need to Know to Turn Your Home into a Top-Notch Vacation Rental Privately owned vacation rentals are a booming business as of late. Homeowners are learning how to make some solid earnings by attracting guests to well-designed, well-maintained homes in desirable locales. If you’re looking to turn your main home or a side […]

WOOP Your Goals Into Success

Team hand shake

West Palm Beach, FL – Dr. Gabriele Oettingen, psychologist, researcher and author of the book “Rethinking Positive Thinking,” says we’ve been inundated with advice to think positively or visualize success. While visualizing the achievement of our goals may feel good, those same feelings can also inhibit our motivation by giving us an emotional payoff before we […]