The Habits That Help Loan Officers Excel

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If you’re looking for ways to fuel improvement and accelerate success, habits are the perfect place to start. Sure, these actions may seem small, but their impact can be significant. The first place to start is to evaluate the habits you currently have in place. Take time to reflect, because often, some of our habits are created unintentionally. From here, you can assess how these habits are supporting or limiting your success. Of course, working to ditch habits that may be holding you back is key, but filling that space with new positive habits is just as important. Even if there aren’t any habits you’re specifically trying to cut out, adding in a few strategic habits can help loan officers take their success to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective habits of successful professionals:


The key to long-lasting success is growth. It’s easy to fall into the same day-to-day routine, but if loan officers what to keep growing, they need to keep learning. This is why reading is such a great habit. It creates a regular stream of incoming information. Not only can it keep you up to date in your own industry, but it also helps exercise your mind more generally. Don’t restrict yourself to just mortgage-related books. When you expose yourself to new ideas and new ways of thinking, you create the opportunity to challenge and inspire your mind.


Sure, it might sound like the easiest habit, but it’s often one of the most difficult for ambitious professionals. If we want to maintain our success, though, we need to create sustainable success. Regularly overworking ourselves often leads to burnout. If we want to maintain a high level of performance without the backlash, rest is key. This might mean taking an actual lunch break and scheduling in a few smaller breaks throughout the day, or it might mean getting to bed at a reasonable hour each night. Find the specific habit that works for you to support giving your body and mind a chance to recharge.


Incorporating a daily habit of moving is also a great strategy for loan officers. And as with all of these habits, the specifics of it can vary greatly from person to person. For some, moving might be a light stretching session every morning while others may thrive on getting to the gym. Moving helps to release stress, increase energy, and improve our mood. All of these support us showing up to the office in an optimal state for powering through the workday.

Ask Questions

It’s easy to get in the habit of sharing information in conversations, but a more important habit is asking questions. Whether it’s with prospects, clients, or other professionals in our networks, when we ask questions, we achieve several things. We make the other person feel valued and appreciated, laying the foundation for a stronger connection. We also open ourselves up to new information we may have otherwise missed. While for some this habit comes naturally, others need to jump start their curiosity. Simply making a point of asking a couple of questions in each conversation can make a real impact.

Do your habits push your forward or hold you back? If you’re not sure, now is the time to evaluate. These small, repetitive actions may seem inconsequential, but their effects truly add up. If you want to take control of your productivity, performance, and success, start by taking control of your habits. While these four habits are a great jumping off point, creating the specific habits that support your needs and goals is where the real power is. This might be a daily journaling session, prepping your lunch the night before, or taking your dog for a morning walk.

What are your thoughts about the role of habits in your success? Please share with us.

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