Proven Strategies for Getting Client Reviews

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As a real estate agent, harnessing the power of client reviews can significantly elevate your business. If you’re ready to gather impactful testimonials, here’s a straightforward strategy to effectively request recommendations from your past clients.

1. Personalize the Request

Buying or selling a home can be chaotic, and clients may not remember every detail of working with you. When asking for a review, personalize the request by mentioning a specific time you helped them.

For example: You might remind a homebuyer that you showed them their new home before it went on the market, allowing them to make an early offer.

2. Explain Why You Are Asking

Most clients don’t know how important reviews can be to your real estate business. Make it clear why you’re asking them to write you a review.

For example: Tell clients that their reviews can make it easier for other people to find you online when searching for a real estate agent.

3. Make It Easy

Your clients are busy people, so make leaving a review as easy as possible. Email them with a direct link to the site where you want them to write a review. Provide question prompts they can use to get some ideas about what to say, such as, “What did you enjoy most about working with me?”

3. Follow Up!

It’s common for clients to forget to write reviews, especially during the busy closing process. Follow up with gentle reminders each week. Share how their review can help you improve your services. Aim to follow up with clients three times to be respectful and maintain professionalism. If they leave a review, make sure you thank them for their time.

Client reviews are the lifeblood of your real estate business in the digital age.

Embrace these tactics, engage with your past clients, and see their endorsements elevate your business. Your dedication to excellence, paired with their experiences, forms a compelling story that attracts and reassures new clients. Let’s leverage the power of reviews to grow and improve our real estate ventures!

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