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At Ideal Lending, keeping our customer’s personal information private and secure is a top priority. We will remain vigilant against wire fraud through clear communication at all times. Here are a few tips consumers should keep in mind during the mortgage process to reduce their risk of wire fraud.

When you buy a new home, chances are good that you shared this great news with a lot of people, including your social media network. Some of the people that hear about this exciting news may be criminals that you are not even connected to but who are intent on intercepting your money.

According to the FBI, wire fraud is growing each year exponentially. As your lender, we want to protect you so here are some tips to avoid any potential issues:

  • You will be communicating with many people on our staff throughout your loan process.
  • Information sent to you from us that contains personal information will be encrypted to protect your privacy.
  • Always communicate private information through a private internet connection and not through Public Wi-Fi. There is a lot of financial information that you do not want to send through public access Wi-Fi where it is easily intercepted.
  • When you receive an email, always look at the sender’s email address to make sure it is from the person you think it is. Criminals know that just a subtle change, like a letter in the email address, will go unnoticed by most people.
  • Always verify the authenticity of each wire transfer request. NEVER follow instructions in an email. Call us first to verify the information, using the number you have contacted us on before, and NEVER call the number on the wire transfer request. These folks are very sophisticated, and our goal is to protect you during the mortgage process.

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