How to buy a house that’s not on the market.

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In a competitive real estate market, it may be difficult to find the house you’re looking for. And when you finally find it, you could be outbid by another buyer. That’s why many buyers are looking for homes BEFORE they’re listed.

Here’s how your Realtor can help you find an unlisted home:

  • Contact expired listings. If the sellers were unsuccessful in the past, they may be open to selling now.
  • Check ownership records to see which homes are vacant or investment properties.
  • Mail postcards to desirable neighborhoods that say a qualified buyer is interested in buying if homeowners are interested in selling.

Here are some things you can do yourself before getting a Realtor involved:

  • Get pre-approved for financing so you’re ready to buy as soon as the right house comes along.
  • Be clear on the maximum offer you can make, taking into consideration closing fees, moving, renovations, etc.
  • Keep your schedule flexible so you can look at available homes at a moment’s notice.
  • Tour desirable neighborhoods and write down specific addresses you’re interested in. These can be given to your Realtor, or you can just knock on doors.
  • Be ready to go in with your best offer first. After all, you have to motivate the buyer to sell.

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