House Hunting Tips

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Stay on top of newly listed houses on the MLS. You can access MLS listings via a Realtor, or search online via a home search website. This will help you schedule a viewing and have the chance to submit an offer before other buyers. Before you schedule a viewing or go to an open house, review your checklist and notes and compare it against your needs, wants, and budget.

Attend Open Houses

Have a game plan for your open house search. If you’re giving up an hour of your weekend, you might as well set aside the entire afternoon. Research properties you want to see and schedule your day so you hit up open houses in one area, move on to the next area and so on. Allow yourself enough time to see each home and travel to the next one.

Drive Through

While it can be tempting to buy a big house in a remote location because it’s a “steal,” location matters. Most people know to consider the crime rates and schools in a neighborhood before buying. Good schools are often important to consider even if you don’t have school-aged children, as this can increase the resale value of the home. It’s also important to consider distance from work, shopping centers, public transportation, walkability and other amenities.


Always get pre-approved before you start your house hunt. With an Ideal Lending pre-approval in hand, you’ll have the confidence you need to make an offer. You’ll know what you can afford, negotiate better and close faster!

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