Steps To Home Ownership

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What can you afford, how much money do you need and when can you buy?

Select a qualified, experienced mortgage lender that you feel comfortable with and get the answers to these questions. Your loan officer will help you find and select the best loan program for your means, help you get pre-approved, and guide you to closing

Where and what can you buy?

Select a knowledgeable real estate professional who will listen to your needs and wish list to help you find a home in your price range. Your loan officer can refer you to an agent if you don’t have one.

You found a home – what next?

  1. Your offer to purchase a home is accepted by a seller.
  2. The official mortgage process is underway: A professional appraisal will be conducted to verify the home’s value, your application and other documentation will be processed and you may be asked to submit additional documentation beyond what was required for pre-approval.
  3. A professional home inspection will take place if you chose to have one.
  4. Your closing agent (title or escrow company) will open your file and collect various items needed for final closing: A title search will be performed on the property and any items that need to be cleared in order for you to get financing and official ownership of the home will be noted and addressed. Your loan will be reviewed by the underwriter, including additional documents you provided after pre-approval, the property appraisal, and title information in order to get final loan approval.
  5. Your closing will be officially scheduled: After final loan approval, you will sign your loan documents, disclosures, deeds, and other documentation needed for final transfer.
  6. Your loan is funded and documents will be recorded placing your mortgage on record and the title to the property in your name.
  7. You get the keys to your new home!

As one of Florida’s premier lending providers, we believe in affordable, easy to understand lending. At Ideal Lending you will work one-on-one with a dedicated mortgage professional who can explain loan programs and offer great mortgage rates to meet your financial goals.

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