Can a Home Refinance Transform Your Financial Future? 

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve likely watched your property’s value rise to new heights in recent years. But have you ever considered how you can make the most of this remarkable achievement? It’s time to discover the potential hidden within your home equity! In this post, we’ll delve into how a home refinance may help […]

Homeowner’s Guide to Refinancing

We understand that refinancing is a big decision. Our licensed Mortgage Loan Originators are qualified to answer your questions as you determine if refinancing is right for you. We will walk you through each step of the refinancing process and keep you updated on the status of your loan from application to closing. Your Refinancing […]

Don’t Let Refinancing Scare You!

Here’s how to make sure you’ll actually save money. There has never been a better time to buy a new home. Down payment and credit requirements are less restrictive than they were a decade ago. But what if you already bought your dream home years ago, or even six months ago? As property values have […]

Deciding When To Refinance Your Mortgage

With mortgage rates still near historic lows and the prospect of higher rates in the near future, is now a good time to refinance? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to that question. Locking in low rates now might involve paying for private mortgage insurance (PMI). But if you wait until you have more equity so […]

3 Ways To Access Your Home Equity

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If you occasionally need quick access to cash, look no further than your home! As long as you’ve owned it for a while and built up some equity, the cash you need is ready and waiting. Here are 3 ways to access the equity in your home: Cash-Out Refinance. Here, you refinance your existing mortgage […]

3 questions to ask your mortgage lender

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Buying a home is a big investment as well as a complex and time-consuming transaction. Whether you’re brand new to homeownership or a seasoned purchaser, you need the support and advice of a local mortgage professional. Specifically, you need answers to these 3 questions: What kind of mortgage is best for me? Once your local […]

Three Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

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Working in the West Palm Beach (Palm Beach County) mortgage industry for many years we have assisted and advised many clients looking to refinance their mortgage. All our clients had questions about refinancing. How does it work? Is this something that would actually benefit them? A professional, experienced mortgage loan officer like those at Ideal […]